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RiskWand: Automatically Detect and Analyze Unknown Risks


Turning strategic intelligence into measurable impact

Detecting threats on video and audio platforms can be challenging, as threats are often buried within the content itself. People also are often unsure what signs to look for to identify potential risks. RiskWand solves this problem by surfacing hidden risks that might otherwise go unnoticed. With the world's most comprehensive coverage across video, audio and text platforms, Pendulum provides confidence that no important intelligence is overlooked.

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Discover hidden risks you are unaware of

Pendulum automatically provides a pre-built list of threat topics that can impact your business. Easily select a topic and view an AI-enabled summary to quickly assess its importance. Pendulum can also customize these topics to tailor them to your business needs, ensuring comprehensive analysis and strategic insight.

Stay ahead of evolving narratives

Narratives evolve constantly. As they develop, specific topics become more of a direct threat to your organization. RiskWand lets you truly understand the impact of these topics on your organization, competitors, suppliers, and partners.


Pendulum by the numbers

15.9 M

Channels and sources

92 M

Hours of video analyzed

806 K

Antisemitic posts collected

22 M

Threatening posts


Languages covered

26.6 B

Impressions by state controlled creators

508 K

Telegram links identified via OCR & metadata