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Important communities are forming their views in places you can’t see

Today, opinions, buying decisions, and early indicators of risk and opportunity are shaped within communities that span multiple platforms, avoid moderation, and predominantly start with video and audio content. Only Pendulum has access to the places your audiences spend time and can synthesize this information across all sources to give you actionable intelligence for risk, communications, and government relations teams.


Pendulum platform

Pendulum senses the proximity of risk and existence of opportunity within online conversations so that your team can move faster, miss fewer opportunities, and stay ahead of the news. Using proprietary AI technology, Pendulum actively gathers and analyzes billions of pieces of content from over 20 sources to ensure your team has the best visibility and fewest blindspots. We then use generative AI and contextual machine learning to perceive risk and opportunity for your company, brands, executives, people, and assets.

Recognized for excellence, Pendulum has received the 2024 Best in Threat / Management Software Applications and the 2024 Best Artificial Intelligence Threat Detection awards.

pendulum platform cyber security award winner
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ElectionIQ: Proactive intelligence for the 2024 US elections

The definitive solution that tracks your brands, people and industry within the key narratives shaping the 2024 US election, and the positions candidates and policy influencers are taking on issues that matter to you.

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RiskWand: Automatically detect and analyze unknown risks

Automate horizon scanning by uncovering business and security threats you didn't know about across an extensive range of online content, synthesizing data into digestible and actionable stories.

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Corporate Communications and Public Affairs


Risk Intelligence and Security

Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

Pendulum's powerful technology lets you detect risks and capitalize on opportunities occurring in areas where content spreads the fastest - video and audio platforms. Our unique capabilities provide unparalleled insights and proactive intelligence to safeguard your brand and reputation.


With narrative intelligence, actively gather data from billions of videos, audios and text content sourced from publicly-available information (PAI). Free up valuable time to focus on the human touch side of your work.

Risk Intelligence and Security

Pendulum has pre-built AI capabilities to automate the discovery and analysis of risks and opportunities at scale across multiple platforms and media types, ensuring no critical intel is overlooked. Our powerful platform provides comprehensive insights to protect your organization against potential threats.


by the numbers

15.9 M

Channels and sources

92 M

Hours of video analyzed

806 K

Antisemitic posts collected

22 M

Threatening posts


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26.6 B

Impressions by state controlled creators

508 K

Telegram links identified via OCR & metadata


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