ElectionIQ helps organizations navigate the 2024 US elections by providing proactive insights to identify risks, trends, and narratives that directly impact their brands, enabling informed decision-making

Seattle, WA – April 25, 2024 – Pendulum, the intelligence platform for automated discovery, tracking and analysis of risks and opportunities within online narratives, is excited to announce the launch of ElectionIQ, offering organizations an in-depth understanding of how the narratives surrounding the 2024 U.S. election intersect with and impact their interests. ElectionIQ empowers teams to stay ahead of the curve by identifying and addressing issues early that are pivotal to voter behavior and legislative outcomes. 

With the 2024 U.S. election poised to be one of the most contested and volatile elections in recent history, organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in navigating a highly polarized political landscape. Fast-flowing information across a proliferating number of social media platforms makes it crucial for organizations to stay ahead of the curve. Organizations need new tools and strategies to effectively uncover, track, and respond to evolving narratives and trends that could negatively impact their reputation and policy interests. 

Built on Pendulum’s award-winning narrative ML technology, ElectionIQ offers automated discovery and analysis capabilities, enabling organizations to proactively understand how candidates, stakeholders, policy influencers, and major election-cycle stories affect their brands and interests. Videos and podcasts are the new town square for key communities and voter groups, and ElectionIQ is the platform that provides the most comprehensive coverage across video, audio, and text platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, podcasts, Twitter, Telegram, and many others. 

“We are thrilled to launch ElectionIQ, a unique offering that redefines how organizations engage with and understand the complexities of the 2024 US elections,” said Mark Listes, CEO, Pendulum. “ElectionIQ empowers companies to ensure they are prepared and best positioned to navigate this unprecedented election year with insight and confidence.”

Key features of ElectionIQ include:

  • Track and analyze prebuilt, regularly-updated election-related topics and narratives, along with their impact on brand and policy interests
  • Leverage AI-driven automated reporting across multiple platforms and mediums
  • Understand how the direct voices of key candidates, influencers, and officials shape the conversation, public opinion, and likely post-election effects
  • Discover potential risks and opportunities in narratives associated with federal Presidential, House, and Senate races with automated horizon scanning capabilities
ElectionIQ dashboard by Pendulum

Pendulum’s partnership with Hill & Knowlton, the global strategic communications leader for transformation, combines the valuable insights generated by ElectionIQ with the strategic expertise of H&K advisors at scale.

“ElectionIQ represents a significant advancement in our ability to help clients navigate the speed, complexity and risks of the 2024 US election cycle,” said Grant Toups, Global Chief Technology Officer at Hill & Knowlton. “Our partnership with Pendulum integrates ElectionIQ into H&K’s innovation portfolio, enabling our intelligence teams and communications advisors to provide clients with the solutions they need to protect and enhance reputation during this pivotal political moment.”

Customers are taking advantage of ElectionIQ to identify intersections between their brands, assets, and executives and key election narratives, ensuring a clear understanding of their exposure within the election information landscape. Learn how your organization can benefit from ElectionIQ by visiting www.pendulumintel.com/electioniq.

About Pendulum
Pendulum empowers organizations to convert risks into opportunities by transforming insights into actionable decisions. Pendulum’s horizon scanning capabilities track online communications, allowing organizations to anticipate threats in critical areas such as brand recognition, social issues, and global unrest to make better informed decisions. Leveraging proprietary AI and machine learning technology, Pendulum provides the most comprehensive coverage across video, audio and text content to enable organizations to respond effectively. Pendulum is designed for ease of use, offering flexibility right from the start.