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Leverage Pendulum's cutting-edge technology for proactive risk detection to capitalize on emerging opportunities across video, audio, image and text content. Gain unparalleled insights to amplify your brand and reputation.


Built for corporate communications and public affairs


Pendulum’s platform tracks the areas where content spreads the fastest - social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, BitChute, Gab & more - to identify risks and emerging trends.


Leveraging proprietary ML technology, Pendulum rapidly process large amounts of data, providing automated summaries and reporting to save significant amount of time.


Pendulum provides insights into leading indicators, making it easier for your team to quickly act and respond before your organization is impacted.


Unlocking opportunities

In today's digital age, the impact that social media, the dark web, and other web content can have on a brand's reputation is massive. Negative mentions, if not identified and managed promptly, can escalate into a reputational crisis, affecting customer trust and loyalty. Pendulum provides early risk detection on a variety of platforms that others do not cover, ensuring important intel is not missed. Pendulum also identifies emerging trends, helping your team stay ahead of the competition and amplify your share of voice.


Maximize efficiency with AI

Utilizing proprietary ML-enabled technology, Pendulum automatically summarizes online content and creates reports, saving you valuable time and effort in digesting complex information. Our platform ensures no important developments are missed by providing alerts and morning briefs, allowing you to focus on key insights and strategic decisions.

Stay ahead of the curve

Pendulum provides proactive intelligence to detect leading indicators to capitalize on favorable trends, market shifts, and early risk detection. With a comprehensive list of platforms, Pendulum has access to sites including Bitchute, Gab, Rumble, YouTube and many more, which other tools do not.

RiskWand: See around corners

Automate horizon scanning by uncovering business and security threats across a comprehensive list of topics that can impact your organization, all within a single pane view. RiskWand helps you identify hidden risks and opportunities you didn't know about, enabling proactive risk management and strategic decision-making.


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