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Mission-driven, customer-obsessed

Pendulum is deeply inspired by mission, motivated by solving hard problems, and obsessed with empowering our customers. These core tenets arose from our initial vision of disrupting the threats that harmful narratives pose to society, and remain central to our mission today.

Our initial focus on threats led us to a broader insight - we live in a digital, interconnected world where audio and video rule - and where text is yesterday's news. For anyone who needs to understand the pulse of conversations online, Pendulum delivers unique insights on critical topics, communities, narratives, and claims - when they appear, how they spread, and what they mean - empowering them to respond early and effectively.



Mark Listes

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Katherine Keileh

Head of Sales

Ammar Haris

Chief Technology Officer

Anna Henning

Vice President of Intelligence and Safety

Ryan Cox

Head of Ecosystem

Diane Vo

Head of Marketing

Rafael Gonzalez Caloni

Chief Financial Officer

Sam Clark

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

Nikolay Trandev

Vice President of Product

Hope Cochran

Board Member

Victoria Romero

Strategic Advisor

Douglas Farber

Strategic Advisor


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Get to know our partners

Pendulum has partnered with Burson, the global leader in strategic communications, to create Sonar. This innovative product combines Pendulum's advanced technology with Burson's strategic expertise, helping organizations effectively navigate the complexities of modern communication. This partnership underscores our dedication to providing advanced solutions that drive informed decision-making and strategic success.

Pendulum has partnered with, a free-use product that helps critical election audiences around the world quickly detect deepfakes. Using Pendulum's technology, aims to raise awareness of the deepfake issue and broaden the availability of tools to prevent the impact of such content in time for the upcoming election.

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